Download The Ebook: 7 Reasons To Free Your Child From The Feeding Tube

thumbnail-7-reasons-free-child-feeding-tubeUnderstand why every day without a feeding tube means freedom for your child.

Having a child with a feeding tube is very different from having one without. You can’t just leave the house when its feeding time and over 50% of all tube-fed children suffer from serious side effects.

More importantly, your child stands to become delayed in its mental development and suffers from long-term health issues such as a lack of immunity.

In this guide we explain these side effects in more detail and show you why freeing your child from the feeding tube will not only benefit your child but your family as a whole.

Download the free ebook to learn about:

  • How your child is physically & emotionally affected by the feeding tube

  • What you can do to help your child

  • How freeing your child from the feeding tube could change your entire family

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