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Free 20-Minute Tube Dependency & Feeding Disorder Evaluation 

  Karoline-Pahsini-plz  Hi, I'm Karoline Pahsini and I'll be talking to you in this free evaluation!
  • I hold a master’s degree with distinction in psychology from the University of Vienna as well as a Doctor’s degree in medical sciences from the Medical University of Graz.
  • Furthermore, I work as a research assistant at the University Hospital for Psychological and Psychiatric medicine of Graz. I'm specialized in early infancy of childhood. I have already written and published important research works on this subject as a research assistant at the University Children’s Clinic Graz.
  • I'm responsible for data analysis and research as well as the psychological coaching during the tube weaning process.
  • Having worked with children with all kinds of disorders, diagnosis and symptoms gives me the ability to give you my honest opinion about your child based on the hundreds of children I've worked with.

In this free 20-minute evaluation, I want to help you find out:

  1. whether your child might benefit from participating in one of our programs,
  2. how our programs work,
  3. how you can get started.

Above all, I’ll be glad to talk to you, listen to your story and try to be as helpful as I can.

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Important information about data processing:
During the conversation, certain personal data will be collected and stored in order to process your contact request and to provide you with adequate information (contact details, medical details of the child). Please let us know explicitly during the conversation if you do not want that. You can also revoke your consent to data storage and data processing at any time later.

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