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Toddler with COVID-19 Weaned off Feeding Tube - Sign Up Now

The quarantine and social distancing resulting from COVID-19 has intensified the strain and stress on families of children with feeding tubes; they want to wean their child, but can’t.

NoTube Netcoaching is a groundbreaking, web-based approach to weaning your child from a feeding tube that is no longer medically necessary.

Netcoaching is an online coaching experience led by the world’s leading tube weaning experts who personally assist you in teaching your child to eat, step-by-step without ever leaving your home.

This webinar invites you to join Emilia, mother of 2-year-old Francesco, as she shares her experience of this program. Francesco was diagnosed with a severe medical condition called “Epidermolysis bullosa” and has been tube fed since birth.

The webinar will include: 

  1. Background about Francesco’s disease
  2. What the family tried to do in the past
  3. The Netcoaching process - what it looked like
  4. Results 
  5. Q&A

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