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We’re confident that we can teach your child to eat without a feeding tube. We’ve had great success with more than 90% of tube dependent children that we’ve worked with. Chances are very high that we can help your child learn to eat as well.

We’re sure you have plenty of questions, and we want to make sure that you get all of your questions answered so you know what your next step should be. That’s why we want to offer you this free 20-minute evaluation call.

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"Anyway we got Daniel to No Tube and after three long hard weeks - my son for the first time drank water. Within a week of our return plans were made to remove Daniel's tube and it was removed three weeks later.

This team are the only people in the world who can do this type of work and cure children daily. I saw miracles performed on a daily basis."

Harrison Family

The Harrison Family

"It has now been more than a year since his tube came out and he is still eating like a champ!

We are so incredibly grateful that we found the tube weaning program at NoTube and for all of the support and encouragement we received from everyone there."


The Tallent Family

"Ella had to learn how to eat from scratch, which was a big challenge for her and for us!

After a couple of weeks the quantity of her oral intake increased. She started to eat with joy and after four months she was completely tube free and the PEG tube will be removed this February 2013. We are very grateful to Dr. Prof Dunitz-Scheer and her great team!"


Ella's Family